Organic Antioxidant Rich Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

As Doctor Kavvadia believed, the olive oil produced in his farm has medicinal properties, certified by the European Food Safety Authority.

Dr Kavvadia

Doctor Kavvadia was an orthopaedic surgeon who lived on the island of Corfu many years ago. The Doctor’s greatest passion was producing olive oil from his centenarian olive grove, a very special grove, from a local variety called “Lianelia”.


Today, Dr. Kavvadias Organic Farm is run by the Doctors grandson, Apostolos. Apostolos began where the Doctor left off making olive oil in the same way as the Doctor while continuing the family tradition of caring for the same olive grove.

Antioxidant Rich Olive Oil

olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress, in the context of a balanced diet

Stay on the Farm!

Some of our farmhouses are up for rental and farmstay!  You can follow the seasonal activities of the farm, or just relax on a hammock under a tree..

Or just visit for a taste!

Dr. Kavvadia’s organic farm is open for tours and tastings. Visit the old olive press and our olive oil storage, and see how a sustainable farm works.

Olive Oil

Dr. Kavvadia is an organic extra-virgin olive oil of medium intensity. It has a well ballanced fruityness, bitterness and pungency while producing notes of artichoke, radishes, almonds, freshly cut grass, thyme and red pepper.

olive oil bottles

Organic Farm

Dr. Kavvadias farm is the home of the award winning Dr. Kavvadias olive oil. It lies off the northsouth highway ten kilometres north of Corfu town in central Corfu.

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